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"Production Complementarities and Flexibility in a Model of Entrepreneurship,'' Journal of Monetary EconomicsVolume 86, April 2017, Pages 36–51.

Working Papers

"Who Quits Next? Firm Growth in Growing Economies,'' with Julieta Caunedo (Cornell University) [Submitted]

"Sovereign Default and the Choice of Maturity,'' with Juan M. Sanchez (St. Louis Fed) and Horacio Sapriza (Fed Board) [Submitted]

"AIDS, Human Capital and Development," with Rodolfo E. Manuelli (WUSTL and St. Louis Fed) [Submitted]

"On Overborrowing: Trend Shocks and Capital Controls," with Hernan Seoane (U. Carlos III) [Submitted]

"Entrepreneurial Production Function and Firm Dynamics," with Felix Wellschmied (U. Carlos III) 

"Life Annuity Contracts in a Principle-Agent Framework"

Federal Reserve Publications

"Why Are U.S. Firms Holding So Much Cash? An Exploration of Cross-Sectional Variation," with Juan M. Sanchez, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, July/August 2013, 95(4), pp. 293-325.

"A Look at Japan's Slowdown and Its Turnaround Plan,'' with Juan M. Sanchez, The Regional Economist, January 2014.

"The Role of Total Hours Worked in Japan’s (Lack of) GDP Growth,'' with Juan M. Sanchez, Economic Synopses, 2013, No. 34.

"Why Are Corporations Holding So Much Cash?" with Juan M. Sanchez, The Regional Economist, January 2013.

"Can Repatriation Taxes Explain the Recent Increase in Cash Holdings?'' with Juan M. Sanchez, Economic Synopses, 2012, No. 35