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Macroeconomics III (Ph.D. Second Year Course, jointly with Felix Wellschmied), U. Carlos III, Fall 2016. 

The objective is to introduce the modeling of heterogeneous agents economies, learn about economies with incomplete markets and uninsurable risk. The typical agent in the analysis is a household or a worker, though we devote some attention also to the behavior of firms and governments in similar settings. Here is the syllabus.

Macroeconomics (Undergraduate Second Year Course), U. Carlos III, Fall 2015, 2016.

The main goal is to present the basic foundations of macroeconomic theory, starting with the basic macroeconomic model in the long run where prices are flexible. Next, we wil study the long run using the Solow model and we will study the effects of fiscal and monetary policies. Then we focus on the fluctuations in GDP and its components and the effects of fiscal and monetary policies.